Welcome to “She is From Rio”

In Brazil, waxing is part of our culture, especially in my hometown, Rio. My salon is different because of my personal attention to every client. I perform every wax and I like to take my time for a perfect service. Each client is scheduled with ample time to ensure no rushed service. Brazilian waxing is my specialty, but I take the same care and attention to all other parts of the body. I use only hard wax from Brazil, which is very natural, and is infused with soothing chamomile to calm the skin. My salon is state of the art, amazingly clean, sanitary and beautiful with a Brazilian flair. The treatment rooms are private, beautiful, and double insulated for a comfortable experience.  If you want a great Brazilian waxing from the country that pioneered and leads the way in flawless hair removal, give me a call to schedule your personal appointment.

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